Falling asleep - Mindfulness

Falling asleep - Mindfulness
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You can use Falling asleep when you want help to settle down and fall asleep easier. Falling asleep includes mindfulness-based exercises that guide you to focus on your body, which can help you relax and let go of thoughts that may keep you awake. Falling asleep contains four tracks of different lengths, choose the best fit for the moment.

Falling asleep is led by mindfulness instructor and public health researcher Gunilla Lönnberg. Lönnberg has many years of experience with therapeutic work aimed at bringing more joy, better communication and enhanced self-esteem. The background music is composed by Håkan Lidbo.

Mindfulness is about paying attention and being present in the moment. Many who have practiced mindfulness for some time feel that it’s easier for them to relax, they become more resilient to stress, increase their self-esteem and feel more joy.

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