Dog Breeds of the World

Dog Breeds of the World
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Using “Dog Breeds of the World“ makes it easy to select a dog breed from 400 described and illustrated breeds. Are you looking for a dog that is friendly and suitable for the entire family, but is also a good guard dog? Simply select the corresponding filter criteria and you will get a list of dog breeds that match the characteristics selected.

Filter the list of dog breeds by these characteristics:

• Friendly toward little children
• Adapts well to apartment living
• Tolerates hot climate
• Tolerates cold climate
• Needs a lot of grooming
• Likes to stay and sleep outdoors
• Easy to train
• Dog-friendly
• Needs a lot of exercise
• Good watchdog

For all 400 dog breeds described there are several photos from various angles and color variations, “Dog Breeds of the World“ contains a total of more than1,000 images!

If required, updates can be downloaded from our server without the need to install a new app version.

Frequently used special terms are explained in a comprehensive glossary.

Anatomical features of dogs are depicted in informative illustrations.

For each breed you can create and store a note, as well as enter the breed into your list of favorites, in order to quickly retrieve the information.

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